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NFTs and more

At the Cuppari Mondo Bello Launch in NYC on July 13, we offered the first NFT drop to our live guests. 

Now, we are offering our NFTS in a virtual gallery to experience the sublime ONLINE, anywhere in the world.  

We are creating a community around each work of art and offering 111 NFTs of each painting. Imagine meeting 110 other people who love the same painting as you, and being invited to curated events with those who FEEL the art together? 

This is one of the ways we are creating our community to further our mission of inspiring a SOCIETAL JOURNEY TOWARDS the SUBLIME.

Donate to Help Youth Artists

We are creating a grant fund for youth artists to learn about web3, NFTs, multimedia and find new markets for their art.  You'll receive a tax deductible receipt via our fiscal sponsor, Dream Tank, a 501c3 supporting youth to unleash their creativity for social impact and achieve economic well-being.

Visit our Virtual NFT Gallery on VATOM

Visit our Live Virtual Gallery, move around and immerse yourself in the sublime of these gorgeous paintings. You can visit alone, together with friends, and more, and purchase NFTS easily with your credit card.

Visit our Collection on NFT Marketplace

View NFTS in the Marketplace currently listed on our selected and celebrated partner